Zhongbo Lab is interested in developing knowledge-based therapies against the human diseases, leukemia and malaria in particular. We investigate the single molecular behaviors in single cells to discover new paradigms of protein-nucleic acids interactions and design new targets for drugs. Currently, a homemade setup of high-resolution magnetic tweezers is our major work horse. The lab members are developing new instruments, employing noval bioconjugate chemistry, and engineering macromolecules to explore the mechanisms of epigenetics in mixed lineage leukemia and the process of malaria invading a red blood cell. The drawing above illustrates some keywords we frequently discuss in our lab.

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  • Lin Liang, Xiaofeng, Lihua, Wei Huang and Zhongbo visited Nanjing University meeting Prof. Jie Yan and Prof. Yi Cao in Nov, 2017.

  • Junli and Zhongbo went to Shanghai for NIDays in Oct, 2017.

  • Katharine Barnes, Managing editor of Nature Protocols and Nature Biomedical Engineering, visited Zhongbo Lab on 14 Oct, 2017.

  • Prof. David Lilley from Dundee University visited Zhongbo Lab on 19 Sep, 2017.

  • Prof. Elliot L. Chaikof from Harvard University visited Zhongbo Lab on 16 Aug, 2017.

  • Open positions

  • We have a project for an undergraduate with programming experience in LabView and MatLab. Please contact Zhongbo for details.

  • We have a project for an undergraduate, examining the interactions between proteins and nucleic acids, please contact Lin Liang for details.

  • For postdoc or graduate student positions, please directly contact Zhongbo.
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    We are developing great stories in Nankai.


    Ms. Lin Liang
    Since 2015
    Ms. Kangkang Ma
    Since 2015
    Ms. Ning Li
    Since 2015
    Ms. Xiaofeng Ma
    Since 2015
    Ms. Junli Wang
    Since 2017
    Mr. Wei Huang
    Since 2017
    Mr. Xu Li
    Since 2017
    Ms. Lihua Qu
    Since 2017
    Since 2015
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    National Science Foundation of China (Tianjin)

    National Science Foundation of China


    Room 421

    The State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemical Biology

    Tongyan Rd 32, Tianjin, 300350, China

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    Lab workshops (Click for more)

  • LabView core 1, 2, & 3, and MatLab 1 ~ 12

  • Numerical computing with matlab by Cleve Moler

  • Higher Engineering Mathematics 6thEd by J. Bird

  • Molecular Cloning by Green & Sambrook

  • Biophysics for Beginners by Helmut Schiessel

  • Science/Nature Podcast