Guang-Peng Xu, 许光鹏 in Chinese

  • Bachelor in biology, 2012, Liaocheng University

  • Master in Chemistry, 2016, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Advisor, Zhong-Liu Wu

  • PhD candidate in pharmacology, 2016 to prsent, Nankai University. Advisor, Zhongbo Yu

  • Lab skills

    I have learned and developed the protocols as following.

    Protocol 1: enzyme screening technique

    Protocol 2: protein purification technique

    Protocol 3: Steady-state kinetic analysis of enzyme

    Protocol 4: TLC/GC/HPLC

    Protocol 5: gerenal molecular biological technique

    Publications (Click to search Guangpeng in Pubmed)

    Xu Guang-Peng, Wang Hai-Bo, Wu Zhong-Liu. Efficient bioreductive production of (S)-N-Boc-3-hydroxypiperidine using ketoreductase ChKRED03. Process Biochemistry, 2016,

    Human and computer languages

    Chinese, English


    Calligraphy, rodework, maths.