Ning Li, 李宁 in Chinese

  • Bachelor in biology, 2012, Shenyang Agriculture University

  • Master in physiology, 2015, Nankai University. Advisor, Yue Wang

  • PhD candidate in pharmacology, 2015 to present, Nankai University. Advisor, Zhongbo Yu

  • Research interests

    I am interested in the dynamics of human telomere. Telomere is the end of linear chromosomes. Telomere maintains the length of the chromosomes, and it is protected by the shelterin. TRF2 is the important component of the shelterin protein complex. TRF2 plays a role in the end-to-end chromosome fusions and the DNA damage responses mediated by Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM) proteins. We set out to explore the interactions between telomere and TRF2.

    I am also interested in malaria, which is one of the most widespreading infections. It causes more than 600000 yearly deaths worldwide. We want to know the how Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (AMA1) interacts with Rhoptry Neck Protein 2 (RON2).

    Lab skills

    I have learned and developed the following protocols.

    Protocol 1: In-Fusion cloning

    Protocol 2: Transforming competent cells with plasmid DNA

    Protocol 3: Protein expression in E.coli

    Protocol 4: Western Blot and Coomassie blue stains

    Protocol 5: Protein purification from inclusion body

    Protocol 6: PCR, double digest and ligation with T4 DNA ligase

    Publications (Click to Pubmed)

  • Zhang H, Li N, Zhang J, Jin F, Shan M, Qin J, & Wang Y (2016) The Influence of miR-34a expression on stemness and cytotoxic susceptibility of breast cancer stem cells. Cancer Biol Ther:1-11.

  • Li N, Qin J, Lan L, Zhang H, Liu F, Wu Z, Ni H, & Wang Y (2015) PTEN inhibits macrophage polarization from M1 to M2 through CCL2 and VEGF-A reduction and NHERF-1 synergism. Cancer Biol Ther 16(2):297-306.

  • Qin JF, Jin FJ, Li N, Guan HT, Lan L, Ni H, & Wang Y (2015) Adrenergic receptor beta2 activation by stress promotes breast cancer progression through macrophages M2 polarization in tumor microenvironment. BMB Rep 48(5):295-300.

  • Yang Y, Qin J, Lan L, Li N, Wang C, He P, Liu F, Ni H, & Wang Y (2014) M-CSF cooperating with NFkappaB induces macrophage transformation from M1 to M2 by upregulating c-Jun. Cancer Biol Ther 15(1):99-107.

  • Human and computer languages

    Chinese, English, MatLab, LabView, HTML5 and CSS


  • 2015, “Peace Angel” first scholarship of School of Medicine of Nankai University

  • 2015, “Excellent master dissertation” of Nankai University

  • 2013, Second prize scholarship of Nankai University