Lin Liang, 梁琳 in Chinese

  • Bachelor in biology, 2012, Shanxi University of Agriculture

  • Master in physiology, 2015, Nankai University. Advisor, Shuang Yang

  • PhD candidate in pharmacology, 2015 to prsent, Nankai University. Advisor, Zhongbo Yu

  • Research interests

    I am interested in the CXXC domain of human MLL dynamically regulating DNA methylation containing unmethylated CpG dinucleotides using single molecule magnetic tweezers.

    Lab skills

    I have learned and developed how many protocols as following.

    Protocol 1: Plasmid transformation/transfection

    Protocol 2: Protein expression in E. coli

    Protocol 3: Western blot

    Protocol 4: EMSA in agarose gel and PAGE

    Protocol 5: Circular dichroism melting of nucleic acids/proteins

    Protocol 6: ITC of protein-nucleic acids interactions

    Publications (Click to search Lin in Pubmed)

    Hu, F., Meng, X., Tong, Q., Liang, L., Xiang, R., Zhu, T. and Yang, S. (2013) BMP-6 inhibits cell proliferation by targeting microRNA-192 in breast cancer. Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1832, 2379-2390.


    Oct 2015, Dutch biophysical annual meeting, Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Poster title: xxx

    Aug 2015, The Ninth National Conference on Chemical Biology, Tianjin, China. Poster title: Towards discovering the molecular dynamics upon CXXC domain searching CpG DNA.

    Teaching experience

    I have mentored Mengdi Jia in 2016 in her dissertation.

    Mengdi Jia, 2016. The title of her dissertation is Construct the DNA Hairpin Structure Containing CpG Motifs in Single Molecule Magnetic Tweezers.

    Human and computer languages

    Chinese, English, MatLab, LabView, HTML5 and CSS